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My Story
I believe health and wellness starts from within. Health is not merely the absence of illness and (dis)-ease, but rather it is finding balance and vitality in all areas of your life. 
Growing up with the passion for traveling the world and learning about other cultures, my travels took me to Africa, Rwanda to be exact. Not only did this country consist of the most genuinely happy people, it started the fuel in me to truly follow my passions in the hopes that I would shine as brightly as the people I have met along the road. My experiences and lessons learned from the beautiful people of Rwanda led me to the name, "Amagara," which means "health, life, and strength," in kinyarwanda. 
As I continue with my path towards all things health, I am hopeful to apply the meaning of "amagara," to every aspect of life. 
I hope to bridge the gap between well-being and spirituality as I believe the two are dependent on one another in order to reach your highest Self. 
My expertise focuses on female athlete health, corporate wellness programming, and nutrition therapy.


Master of Arts, Health Education, specialization in Nutrition 

John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, Ca 

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